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This is Yatsugatake retreat-house Flan. Flan is a small inn in the Forest.
It’s possible for 1 group (1~6 people)  to stay for 1day and we can  customize  your original plan.

・Check-in : 15:00 ~ 17:00      ・Check-out : 10:00
・Breakfast : 8:00 /  Dinner : 18:30
It’s possible to change them according to your plan.
・The whole building no smoking
・No eating and no drinking in your room
・The shower room is only for domestic users  in this Inn. Will bring you to a hot spring around here. A hot spring charge is included in  hotel charges.
・There are 1 bath towel, 2 face towels and a hair dryer in a guest room. Please bring the other necessities with you.

・You can choose the menu of the option.⇒ Out door / Relax

*We keep a cat and a dog.
*We can speak English a little.


The charge per 1 person

12 years old or more
1 night,
2 meals
1 night,
1 night,
1 night,
no meal
6people use  8,500円  7,500円 7,000円 6,000円
5people use  9,000円  8,000円 7,500円 6,500円
4people use  9,500円 8,500円  8,000円  7,000円
3people use  10,000円 9,000円 8,500円  7,500円
2people use  10,500円 9,500円 9,000円 8,000円
1people use  15,000円 14,000円 13,500円 12,500円


Child 1 night,
2 meals
1 night,
1 night,
1 night,
no meal
6~12 years old 5,000円 4,000円 3,500円 3,000円
3~5 years old 3,000円 2,000円 1,500円 1,000円
0~2 years old 1,000円 700円 300円 Free

*0~2 years old charge : A futon and a towel aren’t included in the charge. When using a futon and a towel , the charge is 1000 yen.
* The heating bill is 500 yen/person(in November〜in March). And in April/in October, heating is used depending on the temperature. 

Cancellation charge

11 days or more before 10~8days
7~5 days
2~4 days
The day before
The day
free 30% 50% 70% 100%



*Address:17217-351, Hara-mura, Suwa-gun, Nagano, Japan  〒391-0100

*Booking Please book by 3 days before.
 You can book from 3 months before.
We will reply to confirm the reservation details. When you get no reply, we are afraid that your mail has not arrived us get.

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