Out door
Barbecue : 12 years old~ 2,000yen / 3~11 years old 1,000yen

The practical experience : pitch a tent in a garden and stay overnight.
 When your group is more than 3,  use a tent for 6 people.
・Tipi Tent (Nordisk Alfheim) for 6 people:10,000yen/1night
・Alpine Tent(DUNLOP V6) for 6 people:6,000yen/1night
・Alpine Tent(ARE RIZE2/ARAI TENT) for 2 people:3,000yen/1night
・Camping Equipment :500yen/1 item

Mountain guide
  We will guide you in hiking and climbing, throughout the year.
・Up to 4 people.
・Price: 7,500 〜40,000 yen/1day/1people
The route and fee varies depending on the number of people. For details, please contact us by email.
 Mountain guide : Genta Sakamoto (JMGA certified climbing guide stageⅡ、former firefighter)


・Aroma treatment:30min  3000yen /  60min 6000yen
            Each one person reservation in turn.